Boveda Butler Kit
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From Boveda, the leading industry innovator in humidification products, comes the Boveda Butler Kit. The Boveda Butler bluetooth-capable sensor allows you to monitor the humidity & temperature in your humidor via their mobile app. Boveda makes the setup for the Butler very simple. Download the free app on your mobile and proceed. Here are the Kit's specs:

  • Uses: Premium Cigar & Cannabis humidification monitor that sends humidity, temperature, and impact alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Each kit includes: Boveda Butler + One-Step Calibration Kit 75% RH, free app download and more
  • Butler Dimensions: 2" x 1.25" x .5"

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Be smart and implement the Boveda Butler Kit to monitor your humidor's conditoons to ensure correct cigar storage.

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  • Manufacturer: Boveda

Boveda Butler Kit

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