Boveda One-Step Seasoning Pack (84% RH)
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From Boveda, the leading industry innovator in humidification products, comes the Boveda One-Step Seasoning pack. This amazing little packet will prep your new or bone-dry Spanish cedar-lined humidor. Engineered to release humidity at a controlled 84% rate, the Boveda One-Step Seasoning Pack takes the guesswork and hassle of dabbing your humidor in water (which is dangerous since too much water can warp the wood and affect the integrity of your humidor's seal).

How do you use this fantastic invention? Just remove your cigars from the humidor prior to beginning the seasoning process. Then place the correct amount of 84% packets in your humidor with the lid closed for 14 days. Immediately following the 14-day period, begin using 65, 69, 72 or 75% Boveda packets.

How many packs do you need? It depends on how big your humidor capacity is. Refer to the chart below to determine how many seasoning packs you need:

Humidor Capacity	Number of Packets
0-50 2-3
51-100 3-4
100-150 4-5
150-200 5-6
200-250 6-7
250-300 7-8

Save by purchasing your Boveda One-Step Seasoning pack from! Price: $3.97 (or $42.99 per 12 ct box which comes out to $3.58 per box!)

Be smart and implement the Boveda One-Step Seasoning pack to prepare your humidor for correct cigar storage.

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  • Manufacturer: Boveda

Boveda One-Step Seasoning Pack (84% RH)

Price: $3.97
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