Brebbia Oom Paul with Cap B1050
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In 1947 Enea Buzzi and his cousin Achille Savinelli, whose father Charles ran a smoke shop in Milan, Italy, decided to manufacture pipes. They founded a factory at Brebbia, a place already known for the manufacture of handmade inlaid pipes and ones depicting the faces of historical figures and animals.

In 1953 Enea Buzzi took over ownership of Pipe Brebbia which is still in the family. But the real success came in 1960 with the lack of competition and MPB organized a strong team of pipe artisans. In 1968, the punching was transformed from "MPB Brebbia" to the diamond in its current appearance.

The evolution of the symbols of Brebbia

The Brebbia Oom Paul with Wind Cap is perfect for those who smoke in outdoor environments especially in windy conditions. The cap has holes on top to keep the tobacco from going out and preventing the embers from flying out. The finish is Rocciata and feautures a rusticated texture with cocoa colors. An elegant chain connects the cap to the stem. 

B-110mm. H-55mm. D-32mm. W-65gr.


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  • Color: Rocciata
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Item #: 1370
  • Manufacturer: Brebbia

Brebbia Oom Paul with Cap B1050

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